Case Studies


Sustaining technical growth and innovation with outsourcing.
Kaitlynn Brooks


PennyAI, a Series B venture-backed tech startup, is recognized for its commitment to driving growth and innovation in the social commerce domain. However, rapid scaling brought forth challenges that threatened to hamper their progress.


  • Technical Debt: As with many growing tech companies, PennyAI grappled with accumulating technical debt, which posed a risk to the quality and performance of their systems.
  • Innovation vs. Maintenance: The need to introduce new features was pressing, but diverting core engineering resources could risk ongoing projects.
  • Unanticipated Initiatives: New initiatives, not on the original roadmap, introduced additional pressures and elastic demands on the team.

Jane Creed, CTO of PennyAI, noted:

"Balancing innovation with our current projects was becoming increasingly challenging, and the weight of our technical debt was a constant concern."


PennyAI's decision to try outforce was driven by the need for a strategic approach to these challenges. Key solutions provided by Outforce (formerly GTA) included:

  • Global and Local Options for Agencies: outforce quickly vetted over 100 and filtered to 20 options local and global for Penny to select...saving time and risk of using Google or a limited data set. Penny chose its top 5.
  • Process: a unique interview process that only took 2 days resulted in finding the agency with the team that seemed best fit for Penny's work culture.
  • Outcome: got a team in 3 weeks that solved the problems. 100% satisfaction and growing.


Technical Revamp: PennyAI significantly reduced its technical debt, leading to improved system performance and stability.

Balanced Innovation: PennyAI could roll out new features without affecting the progress of their ongoing projects.

Successful Project Delivery: Unanticipated initiatives were successfully executed without disrupting the original roadmap.

Jane Creed remarked, "Outforce didn't just offer manpower; they provided strategic solutions that resonated with our vision and challenges. The collaboration marked a significant turning point in our growth trajectory."


The partnership between PennyAI and Outforce exemplifies the transformative potential of strategic outsourcing. Through collaborative efforts, challenges were turned into opportunities, setting PennyAI on a path of sustained growth and innovation.

For tech leaders navigating similar challenges, PennyAI's outsourcing journey with Outforce offers a blueprint for success, emphasizing the importance of strategic partnerships and alignment of vision.