Case Studies


Finaptic Accelerates Team Growth and Hits Milestones with Outsourcing
Kaitlynn Brooks

Executive Summary

Finaptic, a banking-as-a-service (BaaS) platform backed by a major Canadian bank and Google faced a significant challenge. Recruiting senior (10 yr min) DevOps personnel with both banking and rarely available Go Lang expertise. Carl Shamie, VP of Engineering for Finaptic, reached out to Outforce (formerly GTA) after struggling to find outsourcing agencies with the specific teams with skills they needed, despite his extensive network (formerly head of partnerships at Accenture). Outforce swiftly identified and pre-vetted suitable agencies who had built multiple BaaS, and in Google Cloud/GoLang - and with teams that had worked together. This meant the agency provided valuable input to dev priorities, product and avoided many errors the Client (first time building a BaaS) would likely make. Finaptic met crucial project milestones and expanded its outsourcing with Outforce.


Finaptic needed to recruit:

  • Senior DevOps personnel (10 yr min) with banking experience and 3 years  GoLang
  • Capability to grow to 5 pods

Despite having access to a global resource pool in his previous role at Accenture Canada, Carl found it challenging to locate candidates with the precise skills needed for Finaptic.


Finaptic engaged Outforce to address this team hiring challenge. Outforce’s services included:

  • Rapid and thorough understanding of Finaptic’s specific needs
  • Identification of five different companies that perfectly matched the experience and bleeding edge skills required
  • Pre-vetting of all potential firms, saving Finaptic significant time in the selection process


With Outforce’s specialized assistance, Finaptic:

  • Dramatically shortened the hiring process, reducing a process that could have taken months to just a few weeks
  • Quickly moved from identifying the need to testing the scale, reviewing contracts, and onboarding new resources
  • Successfully met important project milestones due to the speed and efficiency of outforce’s services
“Working with Outforce, we rapidly looked at what our need was, and they rapidly came back with five different companies that had exactly the experience and skill that we needed. Outforce also pre-vetted all of these different firms to speed up our process. I would strongly recommend working with outforce for growing your team, growing your employee base in consulting teams, and to achieve your milestones. outforce helps us choose the right people for the job.” – Carl Shamie, Head of Engineering, Finaptic


For Finaptic, finding experienced and skilled senior DevOps personnel with specific expertise in Google Cloud Platform was a critical and time-sensitive challenge. Outforce’s ability to quickly understand Finaptic’s unique needs and efficiently identify, pre-vet, and present suitable candidates was a game-changer. This enabled Finaptic to not only fill its talent gap swiftly but also to remain on track with its important project milestones. As a result, Finaptic's Head of Engineering strongly endorses Outforce for team growth and achieving project milestones.