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Welcome to "Growing Pains," the podcast that cuts through the tech hype and gets real about what it takes to grow your startup from Seed round to Series B. Get ready for candid conversations, practical solutions, and a whole lot of "tell it like it is. The Outforce Team will be bringing you candid conversations with tech Founders, Venture Capitalists, and Engineering leaders who've been there, done that.

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Applying to be a guest on Growing Pains? Check out our list of qualifications:
The ideal podcast guest for the Growing Pains podcast would be someone with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the technology industry, who can provide valuable insights, best practices, and real-world examples about the challenges of scaling tech company. 
Industry Expertise: You should have deep expertise and experience in the technology industry. You should be able to speak authoritatively about trends, challenges, and opportunities in the field.
Diverse Experience: A guest with experience in a variety of technology scenarios, such as receiving funding, scaling, growing your team and exiting. 
Case Studies: We are looking for guests who can share specific case studies or success stories from their own experiences can provide concrete examples of what works managing a successful technology company.
Innovative Thinkers: Be open to or have experience in an innovative approach to working through the growing pains of a scaling technology company, whether it's through the use of emerging technologies, new business models, or creative solutions to common challenges.
Willingness to Share: Be open to sharing your knowledge, insights, and advice with your podcast audience. Be enthusiastic about helping others succeed in their pursuits.
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