Vetting & Matching
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Details below on our process and how we match you with the right agency.

We Vette Potential Talent Diligently

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Our 10 Step Vetting Process

Step 1: Smart Shortlisting
  • What We Do: Using AI and a proprietary algorithm we move from 79,000 possible matches to the 10 best in less than 10 minutes.
  • Your Benefit: Efficiently narrowing down the best potential matches from our extensive network.
Step 2: Detailed Requirement Analysis
  • What We Do: Delve into your project specifics and refine agency recommendations based on additional parameters like role types and time zones.
  • Your Benefit: Ensuring the matched agencies align closely with your detailed project needs.
Step 3: Dynamic Agency Matching
  • What We Do: Refresh and update agency information, ensuring your project is matched with agencies aligning in work processes and cultural nuances.
  • Your Benefit: Facilitating a smooth collaboration with agencies that resonate with your working style and organizational culture.
Step 4: Team Validation
  • What We Do: Validate credentials and ensure candidates align with your requirements focusing on experience, comprehension skills, and personality traits.
  • Your Benefit: Guaranteeing that the proposed teams are well-equipped to handle your project adeptly.
Step 5: Agency Insight Gathering
  • What We Do: Diligence with agency leaders to vet their experience, professionalism, and domain expertise.
  • Your Benefit: Ensuring your project is in the hands of seasoned and professional leaders.
Step 6: Team Insight Gathering
  • What We Do: Conduct recorded interviews with the team of candidates, meticulously assessing their communication skills and team dynamics.
  • Your Benefit: Ensuring your projects are handled by teams with clear communication and effective collaboration, mitigating risks related to miscommunications and ensuring smoother project executions.
Step 7: DreamTeam Report
  • What We Do: Rigorously rate and streamline agencies and candidate teams based on all previous vetting steps, presenting you with a refined list of top-performing options.
  • Your Benefit: Simplifying your decision-making process by providing a curated list of the best-fit agencies and teams, ensuring you choose from only the most suitable, vetted, and high-quality options for your projects.
Step 8: Interviews
  • What We Do: Facilitate a three-way interview involving the client, agency/team, and Outforce, further supporting the vetting and decision-making process. Provide interview playbooks for both the agency and the client to ensure structured and productive discussions.
  • Your Benefit: Engaging in a transparent and collaborative selection process, where you can directly interact with potential teams, supported by structured guidelines to ensure effective and insightful discussions, aiding in making an informed decision.
Step 9: Skillset Evaluation
  • What We Do: Analyze technical and soft skills of the proposed teams to ensure they meet project demands.
  • Your Benefit: Ensuring teams not only align with but excel in the skills required for your project.
Step 10: Continuous Partnership Nurturing
  • What We Do: Provide ongoing support, regular check-ins, and feedback sessions after the match.
  • Your Benefit: Ensuring a thriving and seamless partnership throughout the project.

"In our journey, we anticipated it would take up to six months to reach our objective"

"Yet with their guidance, it was a two-week end-to-end process from our first conversation to onboarding a finalist! 

Corey Scobie, CTO, Symend
just a two week end-to-end process instead of expected 6 months
Fast to Match | Fast to Shortlist

"Helps me stay on top of all marketing."

"With SaasBox, I can have a clear view of all metrics and analytics to make necessary changes in my marketing strategies. I am able to catch up with current trends and manage all our social media channels without too much effort."

Elle Rabe, co-founder, Falcon
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Customer X achieved 14x ROI in the first month !

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Lisa Hayden
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