Case Studies


Mastering the perfect POC using outsourcing.
Kaitlynn Brooks

Executive Summary

Golfuture, a startup company Augmented and Virtual reality company, engaged Outforce (formerly GTA) to identify a development firm to build the MVP of their golf putting solution. Key criteria included time-zone alignment, familiarity with iOS and Android platforms, and the ability to handle asynchronous feedback. Outforce’s precise vetting process led Golfuture to an ideal partner who delivered a high-quality product on time and on budget.


Golfuture needed to find a development firm to create an AR solution that places balls on a putting green. Their unique requirements were:

  • A partner in the same time zone
  • Proficient in iOS and Android development
  • Capability to work with asynchronous feedback due to equipment and facility constraints at Golf Future


Golfuture chose to collaborate with Outforce due to Outforce’s:

  • Extensive network of vetted development firms
  • Ability to understand and respect Golfuture’s unique requirements

Outforce’s services included:

  • Introducing Golfuture to several pre-vetted firms
  • Assisting in the creation of a structured interview process
  • Ensuring that only top-tier, high-quality teams were considered


With Outforce’s assistance, Golfuture:

  • Successfully identified a partner that completely met their needs
  • Received a product delivered on time and to their satisfaction
  • Experienced an efficient and seamless interview process, which saved them time and effort
  • Retained confidentiality throughout the process, as Outforce’s legal agreements were user-friendly and respectful of Golfuture’s requirements
“All throughout the interview process, Outforce was helping us find the best teams to fit our project. They vetted the teams, and we only interviewed the top-tier candidates. The process was so seamless and efficient. We’ve been extremely happy with the results and the speed of the team that we chose. In the future, we’re really looking forward to working with Outforce on more projects and sourcing talent.” – Thomas Corpatch, Associate, Golfuture


For Golfuture, finding a development partner with the right skill set and availability was critical for their AR putting solution project. Outforce's extensive network and precise vetting process proved invaluable in this search. Outforce not only understood Golfuture’s unique requirements but also streamlined the interview process, saving time and ensuring a high-quality outcome. As a result, Golfuture is eager to continue their successful partnership with Outforce for future projects, highlighting the trust and value that Outforce has brought to their operations.