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Software Outsourcing: Using Data for Global Teams

Use data to leverage the outsourcing process.
Kaitlynn Brooks

It's halfway through quarter one of the new year, you ended 2021 with important projects on the back burner, rising salary expectations from your staff, and the realization that you’re going to need to ramp up your team and hire more software engineers. So you turn to an in-house team to source from sites like Indeed and LinkedIn: but with big corporations paying entry-level developers a salary of $100,000, you’re not feeling hopeful - not to mention the ever-present ticking of a clock to get projects deployed by your development team. Whether you're a small business owner or a corporate CTO, you're likely feeling the pressure to find a high-quality development team. So what's next? Software development outsourcing? Remote teams?  Where do you start finding the development teams you need?

You have been hearing that some companies are nearshoring, or offshoring, but you don’t have the time to sift through the tens of thousands of software outsourcing companies and service providers across the world that promise lower costs and the best talent available for full-time employment. 

How People TYPICALLY Find Software Development Services

Many companies have an interest in outsourcing their software development services and they approach it in three ways:

  1. Referrals - you hear from a friend of a friend that an outsourcing team did amazing things for their company or the opposite... either way you're skeptical and need more information. 
  2. Google Search - with over 5 billion results in less than a second, you're not even searching for a needle in a haystack - you're looking for the right piece of hay in a haystack and suddenly you're feeling overwhelmed. 
  3. Responding to one of the many service providers that fill up their inbox and hoping for the best. - Similar to finding a needle in a haystack, but even if you find the needle, you're still left with the possibility that you could get burnt - or poked, at any point in time. 

Is There A Better Way?

Yes - well we think so but perhaps we are a bit biased.

Let us share a bit about the origin of our new product called, TEAMS.  It started from a comment client below...

"The good news is there are 1600 software development companies in Ukraine, the bad news is there are 1600 software development companies in Ukraine..."

How Do You Select?

Well, good question.... and here is the answer we came up with ... data!

Global Talent Accelerator has built a pool of 7000 software development companies from around the world, and tagged them based on industry experience, time zone, years of experience previous software products built, skills sets such as javascript, machine learning, or frontend development. 

Based on your requirements for tech stack, time zone, and years of experience, we will present you with a list of matched outsourced teams within 2 weeks - whether you're a start-up or an established company - you can reap the benefits of outsourcing using your development process so the product development meets your business needs. 

We pull software development teams from our vetted talent pool and can find you agile teams for DevOps, mobile apps, quality assurance, application development, or for any other custom software development - and it's all done using our data-driven methodology.

Commons Questions People Have

What about my intellectual property?

        Your intellectual property stays your own, even with an outsourced team helping, the final deployment is owned entirely by you.

Can I pick a team from Eastern Europe, India, Latin America, or any other region? 

        Yes. We have teams in every region of the world, vetted and ready to be presented to you. 

How will we communicate with agile teams in different time zones?

       Slack, or similar communication applications. That is what most of our teams use.

What about project management?

          GTA stays your partner in project management, in whatever capacity you require. It could be weekly or monthly check-ins to make sure everything is on track and we value open and frequent communication between your in-house and outsourced team. 

What is the length of a contract?

           Our contracts start at a minimum of 6 months and can be extended to the length most appropriate for project completion. 

Will offshore development provide cost savings?

        Yes. With rising salary expectations and the tightness of the market, finding a team that you can trust, and that is reasonably priced will not only meet your time to market, but your budget as well. It can be a single outsourcing project or a series of outsourcing projects for a major deployment.

If you are interested to learn more check out this case study. (