The Outsourcing Advantage: PennyAI's Success Story

The Savvy CTO's Guide to Strategic Outsourcing with Insights from Penny VP of Engineering, Jane Creed.

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Facing similar challenges?

  • Anxious about technical debt that seems insurmountable?
  • Have OKRs, or new clients that need to be onboarded but don't want to divert the current development priorities?
  • Launching a new initiative that wasn't on your roadmap and feeling the pressure to find a solution.?

If these resonate, you're not alone.

Penny, backed by Series B funding and driven by the need to scale, faced these very hurdles. Join us to discover how they navigated these waters, turning challenges into revenue opportunities with cost savings implications!

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Who is this for?

VP Engineers
VP Engineers at venture-backed startups who are looking to scale their teams efficiently.
Tech Leaders
Tech leaders and founder trailblazers seeking insights how others have levered outsourcing outsourcing aka team augmentation whether near-shore or off-shore and had a favourable outcome

What will you learn?

Real World Examples
Dive into the real-world challenges faced by Penny before opting for outsourcing.
Common Mistakes to Avoid
Learn about the common pitfalls when finding and selecting engineering agencies
Outsourcing Best Practices
Understand best practices and key considerations post selection and integration of outsourced teams.
The Outcomes to Expect
Finally, dissect the impact of outsourcing on Penny’s growth and their journey to success.


Jane Creed
VP of Engineering, Penny AI

The tech visionary behind Penny's recent innovations and growth.

Sean Languedoc
CEO, Outforce

Built 4 tech companies as founder CEO and decided to help others avoid mistakes with outsourcing.

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